Airport Link

What is Airport Link?

Airport Link is a mainly underground toll road between Brisbane’s northern suburbs, the airport and the inner city.


Airport Link connects the North-South Bypass Tunnel, Inner City Bypass and local road network at Bowen Hills to the northern arterials of Gympie Road and Stafford Road at Kedron and Sandgate Road and the East-West Arterial in the city’s north-east.


Airport Link has two tunnels (one northbound and one southbound) 20m apart and up to 50m underground between Windsor and Kedron, and up to 35m underground between Kedron and Clayfield. There are three lanes each way between Bowen Hills and Kedron and two lanes each way between Kedron and Toombul/Clayfield.


Benefits of Airport Link


Airport Link:

  • enables motorists to bypass 18 sets of traffic lights between Bowen Hills and the Airport
  • significantly reduces traffic congestion in the inner northern suburbs
  • adds six lanes to the traffic network between Bowen Hills and Kedron
  • adds four lanes to the traffic network between Kedron and Toombul
  • gives motorists using the Clem 7 new exit options at Kedron and Toombul.
  • reduces traffic on Lutwyche Road by up to 40%



The State Government and Brisbane City Council began investigating Airport Link in detail in July 2005. Read more about the Airport Link Detailed Feasibility Study.


In October 2005 a preferred corridor was identified and the Coordinator-General declared Airport Link a ‘significant project’ under the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971.


Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) investigations for Airport Link began in November 2005. Completed in October 2006, the EIS was put on public display for a period of eight weeks.

The EIS drew more than 300 written submissions, airing a range of concerns mainly relating to construction impacts, air quality and traffic. The project team prepared a Supplementary Report in response to the EIS submissions for the Coordinator-General’s consideration during his evaluation, of the EIS and the EIS submissions.

In late May 2007, after completing his evaluation the Coordinator-General prepared an Evaluation Report which made recommendations and imposed conditions on the project that must be implemented to manage environmental impacts. The Coordinator-General also recommended that innovative solutions be sought from the bidders to manage potential construction impacts, particularly on local schools and neighbourhoods.

On 19 May 2008, the Queensland Government announced BrisConnections as the preferred bidder for the Airport Link, Northern Busway (Windsor to Kedron) and the Airport Roundabout Upgrade projects.

On 30 July 2008 financial close was achieved enabling the Airport Link and Northern Busway (Windsor to Kedron) projects to enter the pre-construction phase.  On this day, the Coordinator-General issued his final approval for Airport Link with the release of his Change Report.